The evolution of digital technologies in the entertainment industry has transformed business models, and provided opportunities for forward thinking companies to capitalize on technological trends that make entertainment consumption and mobile e- commerce converge. Over the next 2 years, the market size of US e-commerce will increase to $420 billion by 2018, of which $293 billion will be from mobile e-commerce. US Mobile e-Commerce was 29.7% of all e-commerce at the end of 2015 and it surpassed $80 billion. The combined sales from mobile apps increased 44% to $40.58 billion in 2015. Other dynamics in play is the advent of the digital video recorder (“DVR”), advertisers have recognized a decline in the efficacy of traditional 30 second spot advertisements. Monetization of media content, traditionally done through advertising, needs to be reshaped to fit consumer usage preferences. Tech Hollywood believes that the holy grail of media convergence with e-commerce comes together through an integrated offering that provides exciting and relevant content, convenient and non-obtrusive ease of use, and a direct “buy it now” call to action. Tech Hollywood is poised to disrupt this market and redefine e-commerce as we know it today.